Worms World Party

Worms World Party 1.0.4d

Pocket PC version of the classic game, Worms

Though it often lived in the shadow of Lemmings, Worms is still one of the most widely-loved computer games series of all times. View full description


  • Fun graphics and sounds
  • Amusing gameplay
  • Customizable


  • Can be difficult to navigate the battlefield

Very good

Though it often lived in the shadow of Lemmings, Worms is still one of the most widely-loved computer games series of all times.

Now the wriggly rascals come to your Pocket PC in the shape of Worms World party. For the benefit of anyone who hasn't played Worms before, your mission is to control an army of worms in a battle for global domination against other tribes. To do this you have an arsenal of weird and wonderful weapons which you must select with great care in order to outwit your opponent.

Graphically, Worms World Party is very impressive. The characters are cute, the backgrounds are crisp and clear and the voices and sound effects are laugh-out-loud funny. The one thing that lets this PDA version of Worms World Party down over the original is the fact you have to scroll the battlefield a lot working out what's going on. Obviously this needs to be the case with such a small screen size, but nevertheless it does become a little frustrating that you can't see everything on screen at once.

There's plenty in Worms World Party to keep you coming back for more. There are different game modes (vs computer, deathmatch and multiplayer) and you can customize lots of elements of the game, such as controls, time limits, weapons, etc. Best of all, because of the infinite landscape generation in Worms World Party, you'll never play in the same place twice!

Worms World Party is a true classic and it's great to see it ported on the Pocket PC so well.

Worms World Party


Worms World Party 1.0.4d

— User reviews — about Worms World Party

  • civil001

    by civil001


    Guys, there is a menu you have to define jump, fire and other buttons. Some basic button cannot used, but others (like i... More.

    reviewed on January 15, 2010

  • tarek95

    by tarek95

    "controll problem"

    this game looks great but it have controll problem worm can move only right and left and i can't adjust fire button or j... More.

    reviewed on December 22, 2009

  • dnengel84

    by dnengel84

    "Can't fire either"

    Game audio and video is great. Just like all the others only on a smartphone. I have a verizon vx6900 with WM 6.1 and I ... More.

    reviewed on July 9, 2009

  • mandoenglish

    by mandoenglish

    "fire button didn`t found"

    I try the worm game on my imate PDAL its works great BUT at the game I can`t press fire button the worm moves only to ri... More.

    reviewed on May 24, 2009